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America's Army: Proving Grounds
16:09 UhrGame Update Notes (31 Mar 2016)
Community Announcements - TheTots
This update focuses on fixing a number of bugs in the current public version. As always thank you to everyone who reports bugs and sends us suggestions on game improvements. As you can see, it's a huge help!

User Made Map (UMM) Changes
The game no longer reads .metadata files from the UserMadeMaps folder. Instead, a new ini file -- AASteamUGCManager.ini -- stores the list of Item Ids to run on a server. For each map the server should host, add a new line:ServerSubscribedItems=(IdString=<ItemId>)The <ItemId> is the same as the PublishFileId in the map's .metadata file, or can be found at the end of the URL when looking at the map in the Steam Workshop (e.g. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/fi...s/?id=%3cItemId>).
To emphasize, the UserMadeMaps folder is no longer used on the server (and putting maps there without realizing this could cause errors when starting a server), the game no longer recognizes maps in the UserMadeMaps folder.
Server providers no longer have to open a separate port to support sending the list of hosted UMMs to clients.
Fixed issue where the map download progress bar wouldn't update until you downloaded the last map.
Fixed issue where the map download progress dialog would hang if there were a large number of maps to be downloaded.
Servers will now ignore maps that have been removed from the Steam Workshop (they'll be removed from the vote/rotation/admin-map-switch list).
[DEV]Philbax has created a new and improved guide to hosting UMMs on a server: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/fi...s/?id=656041282
Server Browser
Server browser is now available via the ESC menu during an active game
Adjusted field alignment in the server info widget
Server Browser: Fixed an issue where stopping a refresh didn't actually stop behind-the-scenes queries , causing you to be unable to refresh servers until the query fully completed.
Server Settings
Implemented a server setting to disable automatic reload on an empty magazine; set bDefaultDisableAutoReload to true
C4 secure server setting has been removed along with all related functionally
Vote-kick has been disabled on Official Servers
Teamspeak port is properly replicated to all clients from the server if the default port was changed
For server admins, the Teamspeak port may now be overridden via commandline argument "voipport" (e.g. "-voipport=1234")
A kill feed icon is now displayed when a player dies from the out-of-bounds volume
Text fields within the UI (such as on the Crosshair menu) will no longer capture text chat commands
Scoreboard colors and objectives on the minimap update correctly when team colors are changed on the nameplate menu
Fixed an issue where text chat messages would sometimes not appear
Fixed an issue where some HUD messages would not always be cleared if they were up at the end of a round
The Last Man Standing message functionality should now be correct for all circumstances; it now appears when you are the last "active" player
Fixed an issue where the anti-aliasing video setting was not respecting the Restore Defaults button
Fixed an issue where warmup mode could put spectators into an incorrect UI state
The Weapon menu now displays the correct skin for all reward levels
Fixed an issue where multiple VOIP icons could become stuck on screen when a player joins a team from spectator while using VOIP
Dropping the flag or C4 on moving objects such as the radar dish on Coldfront will no longer result in the objective sinking into the object
Defusing an armed C4 objective now counts towards the Objectives Completed stat
Bomb icon on the objective status widget is now colored correctly
Fixed a crash that often occurred when using the demorec rewind function
When reviewing a demorec from a spectator's point of view the name of the player being spectated now updates properly
Miscellaneous Bug Fixes
Various fixes for the door actors in the editor - door preview meshes no longer block projectiles, new doors correctly generate a preview mesh and various cleanup for better usability
Players no longer drop weapons when failing to switch teams
Shooting a teammate who is the target of a takedown no longer counts as friendly fire
Players can now pick-up weapons while they have a pistol or grenade equipped
The achievements Seasoned Warrior and Be All You Can Be were being awarded incorrectly; correct numbers are now in place
Fixed an issue where the game could pull an incorrect soldier name when changing soldier accounts
Fix for out-of-bounds audio continuing past the end of the round under some circumstances
Fixed an issue where some stats from a match could be duplicated
Fixed an issue where some non-weapon kills were incorrectly reported as M4 kills
Added a check to the vault & mantle system to insure enough overhead space is available prior to attempting to vault or mantle
The fire mode button is now disabled when spectating others
Tweaked the posture transition code to prevent the player's view from clipping into objects
Fixed issue where shotgun and M67 shoothouse scores were frequently not saved to the backend correctly.
Greatly improved resolution of weapon sway, making a notable improvement when using high-powered scopes.

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Hmm, weiss nich ob dieser Beitrag sein muss, da jeder der AA spielt diese Meldung in Steam und beim Start von Army erhält.


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@ Milchmonster:
Dein Spam in allen Ehren aber Copy & Past ist jetzt nicht so die Leistung.
Hättest dir ja wenigstens mal die Mühe machen können es ins deutsche zuübersetzen!!!

Und Ja hier werden Dinge gelöscht und Vollquots editiert.
Wenn du damit ein Problem hast,
behalt es einfach für dich und geh bitte wo anders hin.


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